Finally, here is a small glossary of the most important terms used.

Banana Jack Type of connectors used on the leads of many electro-stimulation units
BDSM Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism
Bipolar Electrode An electrode consisting of two separate, electrically isolated, conductive surfaces
Cum, Cumming To have an orgasm, to ejaculate; the ejaculate
DIY Do-it-yourself
EMS Electro muscular stimulation
E-Stim = Estim, = Electrosex
erotic electrostimulation
Ghost Fuck The feeling of being penetrated without someone penetrating you; can be caused by insertable electrodes in combination with adequate Estim-patterns
Head Trode An Electrode designed to fit on or over the penis head
HFO Hands free orgasm
Orgasm without having to use your hands when masturbating
(conductive) Lube Lubricant;
conductive lubricant is used to ensure good electrode contact with the skin
Monopolar Electrode An electrode with only one conductive surface
Pre-cum In males, the leaking of fluids prior to having an orgasm
Sound Uretrally insertable electrode
StereoStim A do-it-yourself method of erotic electrostimulation using a stereo-amplifier, resistors and step-up transformers
Stim, stimming = E-Stim
TENS Transcutaneous Electro-Nerve Stimulaton; pain-relief technique which may be used for erotic electrostimulation
TENS pads Sticky conductive electrode pads with connectors for tens plugs
TENS plugs / pins Thin connectors used on most TENS unit wires to connect to the electrodes
TriPhase Erostek coined the term around 1999 to describe a “phantom third current” that can be perceived due to phase differences between the signals on each channel; it is a signal characteristic that has nothing to do with the quantity of electrodes. The ‘TriPhase Effect” is a signal characteristic created by having different signals in each channel (this is a simplistic explanation); phase effects can be enjoyed with three or with four electrodes
Trode = Electrode