Subject: SmartStim

Many community members will surely have already noticed that the SmartStim forum no longer exists and are wondering why.
For those who don’t know SmartStim: It was the most famous international E-Stim forum with more than 100,000 members, where probably all worldwide experts of all disciplines were gathered to let the community benefit from their wealth of experience.
Well, why is the forum down? climberr, the longtime operator of the SmartStim forum passed away in January 2021.

t.haur, the last active moderator in the forum, has written:

It is with great sadness that our friend and frequent benefactor, Climberr, has passed away. Climberr passed away in January 2021 after a long and painful battle with COPD. Despite the pain and discomfort of his ailment, Climberr spent tireless hours and many of his own resources to maintain the web site SmartStim. SmartStim was remarkably popular and remained on line and successful until the end. Please join us in thanking Climberr’s memory and giving our sympathies to his family and friends.

We are a small group of past SmartStim moderators and members who have joined together to return SmartStim to operation as Climberr would have it. This return to operation will be a special tribute to Climberr and a welcome return for the E-stim community. We hope to make further announcements in the near future.


I can only agree with this: We should definitely pay respect to the SmartStim story! The forum offered absolute anonymity of the members, no influence by online services of any kind, freedom from advertising, independence from commercial interests, a worldwide unique wealth of experience and an exemplary respectful interaction among the members. No other online-community with the main topic E-Stim can offer that.

We have made some progress in restoring the forum and hope to bring it back online in the foreseeable future.
More about this hopefully soon here!

Yours TroniC