Discover the proStim-CTD universe!

Besides selected good standard products we offer the completely new developed, handmade and modular expandable CTD-System.
Below we would like to introduce you to the individual components and their interaction:

1. Start with the ShackleRing (or reach for the triple ring!)

The ShackleRing is an openable Cockring, which can be easily put on and taken off even in an erect state and therefore can be fitted a little tighter than your usual cockrings, which naturally promotes blood congestion and thus the hardness and endurance of your erection.

2. Add one to three TriggerSpheres

This turns the ShackleRing into a two-, three- or four-pole toy and generates pressure and stimulation at exactly the right places for an iron-hard erection.

3. Replace the ShackleRing by the TripleRing

It offers the same advantages as the ShackleRing, but brings out the best in your package and can be extended with two additional TriggerSpheres for targeted stimulation of the underside of the penis shaft.

4. Add two moreTriggerSpheres

They provide the necessary grip in exactly the right places. The arterial blood flow is promoted and the venous blood outflow is restricted. This ensures a rock hard erection and makes the whole thing a 5 to 6 pole device.

5. Add the CTD-Rails

The CTD-rails together with the TripleRing form the “heart” of the whole system, because they serve as carriers for further divine extensions, which will be introduced below.
These enhancements keep your package in good shape and slide on the rails, ensuring a secure support and unchanged fit of the electrodes in both the erect and flaccid state.

6. Our GlansClaw slides on the rails with two TriggerSpheres for frenulum stimulation.

The GlansClaw is the optimal toy for glans and frenulum stimulation. It can be used as a 2 or 3 pole device and feels incredible in triphase configuration even solo.
In combination with the CTD-rails it keeps your best piece gently but bravely in shape and in the right place, no matter if you are supersoft or hard as iron.

7. Complement the GlansClaw with the short PenisPlug for the complete 4-pin GTD

This offers the optimal 4-pole Dual-Channel configuration. In combination with the TripleRing, a reasonable, up to 8-pole configuration is now possible.

8. …or with our DeepUrethral for the 5-pin GTD

If you like it a little deeper, use the unique bipolar DeepUrethral, which allows to reach the prostate from inside. But don’t forget to sterilize it carefully! Due to the selected material combination, safe thermal sterilization is possible. Of course, the DU can also be used solo and creates undreamt-of feelings of pleasure due to the adjustable penetration depth.
This means that you already have a total of 10 electrode surfaces available, but in my opinion only 8 of them can be really useful. …but you can always combine two of them with a Y-cable!

9. Add one or two ShaftGuides

The ShaftGuides support your shaft at any position between base and glans and can be extended by one or two additional TriggerSpheres.
This would give you a total of 12 to 14 electrode surfaces.

10. Add the BallsDevider

The BallsDevider provides an additional targeted stimulation of your testicles and brings them to the fore in a very beautiful way.
Furthermore it serves as the 15th electrode surface.

11. Connect the  CTD to the AnaLink

The AnaLink serves as an extension to the “back”, but also as a carrier for additional electrode surfaces for perineum stimulation.

12. Add one or two TriggerSpheres for perineum stimulation

Because this area, also called the taint or dam, is all too often neglected, but is a highly erogenous zone and complements testicular stimulation in the most divine way.
Now we’re up to 17 electrode surfaces.

13. Screw our “Prosti” to its back

Our Prosti is an insertable curved prostate electrode with selectable ball diameters and completes the entire CTD system.
By changing the screw-in depth, you may adjust the whole system to your anatomical needs or the desired pressure on the prostate.

A total of up to 18 electrode surfaces on the hottest parts of your genitals can be used with the overall system in various combinations.
More is barely possible!
Try out everything by yourself in many sessions! However, I will publish the most useful combinations of the usable electrode surfaces in the info area by and by.

And so you need a whole lot of TriggerSpheres.
Fortunately, they are one of our cheapest, but very rewarding and versatile products. Just grab them!

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