Notes on current delivery times

The majority of our proStim products are custom-made by hand after each order. This is necessary to adapt the products to the anatomy of the individual customer. There are simply too many different product variations to allow for stock keeping for each variation and size. Due to the handcrafted made-to-measure production there are naturally longer delivery times, which are normally 2 to 3 weeks. With high order volumes, however, delivery times can also be considerably longer. Your order may even be put on a waiting list. To make this transparent for our customers, we show the current delivery time for new orders and the waiting list here:

Actual delivery time for proStim products from new orders: approx. 5 weeks

Waiting list:

Order No.
up to
5507 15.12.2020
5518 17.12.2020
5699 10.02.2021
5710 18.02.2021
5714 8.03.2021