I’m TroniC. The person behind “proStim”.

Pain in the shoulder joint! – 15 years ago now. What to do? I bought a TENS device for some relief (more in the glossary). Quite naively, without any ulterior motives. That was, then unintentionally, my decisive step towards E-Stim.

So: a violent therapeutic tingling in the shoulder, and I began to think about where else you could let it tingle. To make short work, I tried it! That turned out to be a pretty good idea. The same idea that others had already come up with – this became apparent during the subsequent research – as I quickly stumbled through Internet forums where people talked shop about the subject. Which TENS device will finally deliver what we expect from it? So I have tried various things, and often the fun was gone.

My grandfather had me dismantled alarm clocks and other technical devices, my parents had done nothing about it, and therefore soon I was able to assemble all possible things. Aircraft models, electronic devices, HIFi components and loudspeakers. Made of wood, metal, plastic – first electrical engineering and electronics were a hobby, then university studies, later process engineering was added, and finally I was a graduate engineer. And because there was no money, I worked as a carpenter, locksmith, electrician and heating installer. So it was only logical to see E-Stim as a technical challenge. And to use that training to get started competently…

Quite a few of you have already tried the results: As a DIY project. Electrodes and Powerboxes, described again and again for more than 10 years in the international forum Smartstim.com. For this I got a lot of happy feedback: the devices are professional and practical. And: I may please build this commercially, readers and users who had less technical know-how but the same desire for the electric tickle wrote. Now the result is here: proStim.

What makes the devices better than a cheap counterpart from the net?  After the first E-Stim experiences with TENS devices, I dealt with the electrotechnical side (type and strength of the electrical impulses) as well as the important questions of safety and ergonomics. It turned out that there were only a few power boxes on the market, as well as no reasonable electrodes. That should be better! So I built a good fit, reasonable contact points and various connection possibilities as I imagined them to be – it should sit well, be stable, tickle and be fun! Lust! Horny!

Good own products and good products of recommendable external companies – that is what proStim wants to offer. How do I know what is good? Because I built it for myself. I know what I let get to my body (and what I’d rather not). I wish you a lot of fun!

Yours TroniC

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